Donation day is my favorite day of the month and this month’s donation was no exception. OPARC was graciously suggested by Joel Clelland, who has worked with the organization in the past and introduced us to OPARC. OPARC is nothing short of amazing! Their mission & history is developed out of love for their community and to ensure every person no matter their circumstances can enjoy life to the fullest. It was wonderful to meet Andrea & to learn all about OPARC. I encourage you to learn more and if you’re so inclined to donate as well with your time or funds.

This is a top-notch organization!

“OPARC is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization established in 1950 at a time when education, services, and employment were not available for people with disabilities. In 1969, California adopted the Lanterman Developmental Disabilities Services Act that established for the first time the responsibility of all citizens to provide resources to help people with disabilities lead more independent, productive, and socially integrated lives.

The legislation created is implemented by Regional Centers, including the Inland and San Gabriel/Pomona Regional Centers. OPARC is one of the largest vendors under contract with both of these Regional Centers to provide day program services to qualifying adults. However, community support is necessary in order to provide the highest quality programming that improves the lives of our participants.” –


Today OPARC serves over 800 developmentally disabled adults a day in Southern California. With locations in Montclair, Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga, San Bernadino, Walnut & Upland they serve a large portion of the Inland Empire and Los Angeles County. Their services include employment programs helping developmentally disabled adults be placed in jobs with community employers and development programs providing activities including paid work, functional education & socialization.


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