You don’t need to be stuck renting. It can be expensive and can increase with each lease renewal.


Learning about down payment options that can set you up for homeownership is the first step to becoming a homeowner. With low- and zero-down payment loans, buying a home provides you with advantages that you can’t get with renting:

■ Homeownership means you’re investing in your own future

■ Your home may increase in value over time

■ Homeownership may provide you with tax breaks*

■ Remodeling may increase your home’s value

■ Enjoy stable monthly payments with a fixed rate mortgage

■ Design and customize your home to your taste

■ With each payment, you build equity that you can borrow from later

■ Comfort and security for you and your family


Stop investing in your landlord’s future. Invest in yours! Learn about down payment options today!

The days of needing 10-20% are in the past, there are many programs that require as little as 0% down if you are a service member or veteran and other programs for first-time homebuyers or down payment assistance with down payments as low as 3%.


However, you won’t know what you qualify for unless you reach out! We provide free consultations and also help you to come up with a savings plan if you aren’t ready just yet!  So give us a call or text and let’s get started on your road to homeownership!

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